The Dispatcher Certificate

Aircraft Dispatcher


A Dispatcher is a licensed airman certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. A dispatcher’s main responsibility is to make sure the aircraft being meets all regulatory and safety requirements for departure, en-route, and arrival at destination.

A Dispatcher’s responsibilities include:

  • Passenger service and operational control of a daily basis flight operations, analyze and evaluate meteorological information in order to conclude if any potential hazards are present, if so then the Dispatcher must select the safest route for the flight.
  • Calculating the amount of fuel required for the flight depending on what aircraft is being used.
  • Knowing the distance, duration, weather conditions and minimum fuel requirements for any flights under the dispatcher’s control.
  • Generating a flight plan containing information such as NOTAMS, weather reports, maximum allowable weight for a safe take off and landing, and many more details depending on the aircraft and route taken.
  • Canceling or delaying a flight due to unsafe conditions, provided the dispatcher has the authority to do so.
  • Notifying the flight crew of any changes that occur during a flight. The dispatcher also suggests alternative routes and courses of action if necessary.

A Dispatcher must undergo proper training and pass certain exams in order to be well prepared for this job. The exam consists of both an extensive oral examination and a comprehensive Dispatch ADX test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration. This test is the same test that Air Transport Pilots (ATP) have to take.