The Dispatcher Certificate

Aircraft Dispatcher

An aircraft dispatcher carries the same responsibilities as an airline captain.

The airline captain makes the decisions in the air, but the flight dispatcher is the one that makes decisions on the ground, such as finding the best routes and altitudes, checking the weather for the flight and most important, checking the weather at the destination airport.

Those are only a few of the dispatcher’s responsibilities.  In addition, the flight dispatcher makes sure the aircraft is legal for the flight in respect to maintenance, computes the amount of fuel needed checks passenger and cargo loads and oversees all aspects of the flight to make sure it arrives safely at the destination.

Once the flight dispatcher is assured that all the paperwork is completed, then and only then he or she signs the “flight release”.

The flight release is a legal document that has to be signed by the flight dispatcher and the airline captain before the flight takes place.

In order to legally perform the functions of a Dispatcher, you must posess an Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate